Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I got a minky blanket ( my mom made it)with Twilight colors
Their faces when they first saw what they got Dylan's bike

Kayson's spy car

Myklin's barbie house

Christmas tree with presents

Christmas was a little different this year because my Grandma & Grandpa went out of town to Washington. My Aunt & Uncle went also, so it was just our little family this year. My Mom, Dad, and my brother Tyler came to St. George. Tyler hardly ever comes down, so it was great to have him here ( the kids & I REALLY do love him) Myklin & Dylan didn't really ask for a specific thing from Santa, but Kayson asked for a spy car. When I saw that it was $100, I told him it was too much for 1 gift, we would have only been able to get him like 1 other thing. So we lucked out and found a new mario bro. game for the wii. Then the next day Eric came home with a big bag from Target & said Kayson's done now. So, Santa *wink wink came through!!!! I loved the look on all of their faces as they saw what Santa brought them. Myklin got a 3 story barbie house, Kayson the spy car and Dylan a bike. They got lots of other things too : moon sand, i pods, watch, shoes, games, wii fit, v- motion, books........the list goes on & on. Kayson's Dad got him his own cell phone and said Kayson about fainted when he opened it.

Blogging Slump..........

I haven't blogged for soooo long, I don't know where to start!!! Since I last blogged we had Thanksgiving, Myklin's birthday, Christmas, and now Kayson's Arrow of Light. With little thing's in between. So I guess I'll start with the last first. ok, I guess all of my pics from thanksgiving & Myklins Birthday are on my mom's computer :(

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Dylan's Birthday

Dylan at our wedding

Dylan in Myklin's room

One of Dylan's bff's

Dylan at Mormon Miracle with Miles and Josh

To cute

Dylan and his dad

Dylan asleep on Kayson

Dylan at my and Kayson's baptism. He loves sprinkles, so he was in heaven. Rachele got him a whole bowl of them.

Dylan just being himself

Well, today is my baby's birthday and i can't believe he's three. We all love that little boy so much, right up to the moon and back!! Where does time go? Sometimes I want my time back, time with my kids and time with my family. I can't believe how big all of my kids are, but I don't feel like I am as old as a really am. I still feel like a 16 year old most of the time, waiting for the parents to come get the kids I'm babysitting. I just hope I'm doing my job good enough. But anyways back to Dylan, he is the cutest, snuggliest, loveliest, caring boy his age. He always shares whatever he has that the other 2 want, always kisses your boo boos and says cute endearing things. Just the other day he said "mom lovey so much" man how cute. He always wants you to "like " his drawings and will ask multiple times " you like it?" I have to say our family wouldn't have been complete without him, he is a true blessing. I am thankful for him everyday. Children teach us so much, don't they? He took too long of a nap today, so we'll be taking him to Jumping Jacks tomorrow and have his party on Sat. Today we just gave him one present( that wasn't really in the plan, but if you know me I'm just as excited as they are) and watched Monsters Vs. Aliens. Well here are some of my favorite Dylan moments...............

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Dylan on the slip n slide

Dylan wanted to slide, so Eric had to help him. It was hilarious.

It's been soooo long..........

Well I haven't done a post for so long, I don't know where to start. My mom's surgery went well in July and we are all so grateful for that. She stayed down here with us for about a week and we'll be getting her back in a couple of days again!! The kids were excited to start school, although dylan is a little lost without them. he is so happy when they come home he always meets them at the door. then he instantly says " play me" meaning play with me. Dylan has all the sudden started talking so much more and i LOVE it. he cracks me up. the other day i asked him for a kiss and i just kept kissing him and he says "crazy" he makes my heart happy. he always seems to know when i need a love or to laugh, that seems odd that a 3 year old can be so in tune with some one's emotions, but maybe it's because he is still so innocent. Kayson is just plugging along in scouts and will be getting a couple of awards next week one of which is the square knot. i am so proud of him and his willingness to learn. myklin is our athlete and can't wait to start playing sports again and is becoming quite the little reader. i have just been doing the mom thing. i only do leveled library one day a week so far and just got my first calling at church(activity day leader). i am looking forward to fall i love that time of year. on labor day we are going camping up to deer camp, this will be dylan's first time up there. we will also go to matea's daughter's baptism. that will be a good experience for all of us. well i guess that's about it, see not to exciting.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

bear hunt

Tyler went on a bear hunt a few weeks ago close to monroe with some friends u can barley see him but he said it was fun.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

On the farm........

Dylan and Eric
Most of the kids

Kayson trying to get Dylan out...

Mykiln riding all by herself

Myklin and Brielle

Dylan riding alone

Rachele taking a picture of Kayson, Miles and Josh

Mykiln Brielle and Rachele

Eric and Kayson

Well we have been a little busy here. Myklin has been going to this little camp for the girls in our ward 3 days a week and kayson has scouts. Plus all the play dates and birthday parties. Well my friend Allison invited us to her father in laws farm last night for a BBQ and riding horses. It was a great time all the kids rode the horses and just played with all the kids. I am so glad we have the friends we have, they are such great people. Allison's father in law was the sweetest grandpa , he told the kids they could come back any time. Which to myklin means today...... silly girl. We are also leaving to go up to Monroe tomorrow for a couple of weeks. We will go to the Manti Mormon Miracle Pageant and then to Fish lake. My mom's birthday is on Tuesday the 30Th and then the fourth of July yeah!!!!